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I will tell you this: I am a HUGE minecraft fan. When this game was first in the beta stages I was playing it all the time. It was no fun by myself so I invited my friends. However, once it became a "paid for" game, a lot of people lost interest even though they didn't unlock the game's full potential. Thus, I got Minecraft for a lot of my friends and gave them gift codes. To this day, many people have been asking me how I was able to get these free Minecraft codes and I tell them the same thing..."Drug money ;)"


However, now I decided to share my "secret" with everyone on the internet and hope that you can get yourself some free "gift codes" as well or perhaps the game if you don't yet own it or only have a cracked version. (Shame on you!)


How does it work?


I used a website called Points2Shop. It is a GPT website which stands for "Get Paid To" and allows you to earn points by completing certain tasks. These tasks include inviting friends, doing surveys, taking quizzes, signing up for free samples, watching videos, or clicking on banners. All of these items come from various companies and advertisers that are trying to promote a certain product or service. Thus, these companies pay Points2Shop whenever someone completes one of these items. Points2Shop then pays you in the form of points, usually 100 or so but it depends on the item. (100 points = $1). Basically after a good 30 minutes of doing some of these things I was able to get a "gift code" sent to me with several hours (the admins have to send the code to your). My favorite thing to do, since I have a lot of Facebook friends, was promote my link on there ecnouraging them to signup so I can reach my goal and giveaway a free code. It worked everytime and after 30 signups I had enough points to get one!


So if it works, where is the proof?


The proof is not in the pudding this time, but in the images! If you look to your right, you can see some of the prizes members have received. The first image is my own--I took a screenshot of the code that I got in my messages. I couldn't find other minecraft pictures in the forums, so I just took whatever was on the first few pages that looked good. Each image came from here. Read below for the steps on how to begin.

Step 1


Step 1: Sign Up

The first step is to sign up via that link. You will get a 250 points bonus if you are a UK or US resident which is pretty good! To begin, simply fill out your email, a username, and click submit! From here, check your email inbox for an email to activate your account.



Check your e-mail once you have registered. In there you will see a link to activate your account and retrieve your 250 points bonus. If you aren't a US or UK resident don't worry, everything else about your account is the same exact thing!

Step 1


Step 2: Complete Simple And Fast Surveys


To redeem prizes on Points2Shop you need to do activities to earn points. Minecraft costs about $27, which should take around 45-60 minutes to earn. Not bad considering minimum wage is barely $8 an hour in most cities! Points can be earned with surveys, playing games against other members, watching vids, inviting friends, and more!

Most members do surveys, however, since they are the quickest way for earning 1000 points or less. However, since this is $27, you need to get referrals or do surveys that give you cash. Now for example, if you have 400 Facebook friends and 10% signup (40) and activate their account, that is $20 right there! You can earn up to $1.50 per referral, by the way.



If you click on "Surveys," you can see all the surveys available to do. However, I recommend doing daily surveys here. Be sure to look for surveys that give you cash and not points. An example of a survey that gives points is shown below:




Always be sure to read the survey description so you know what you are doing. From there, do 2-5 minute survey as instructed. Finally, mark it as "completed", and be sure to play Spin2Win game for a chance to earn some bonus points! For referrals, check out this great forum on the website: Referral Talk Forum

Step 1


Step 3: Get Your Free Minecraft!

This is definitely the best part. After about 45-60 minutes, you should be set to withdraw your cash to a PayPal, eGold, or Liberty Reserve account. You can also choose to receive a check as well. Enjoy your free minecraft "gift codes" or free minecraft game!


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